Pastor Donna's Books

Pastor Donna has written two very impacting books. They can be purchased on, Barnes & Noble, and are available as an e-book. 

Divine Encounters: Donna Rigney’s exceptionally vivid and unforgettable book showcases her unique relationship with Jesus through a host of heavenly experiences. Jesus guides her into the depths of hell and the peaks of heaven through intensely detailed visions.

Donna’s exceptionally vivid portrayals of heaven and hell create an unforgettable read. 

Heaven Revealed Hell Exposed: Divine Encounters has been re-published and re-titled. This new edition is identical in every way to the first edition except for its new cover design and its new title-Heaven Revealed Hell Exposed.

Abused by the Church: For far too long people have experienced abuse in the church and have been assigned to a place of secrecy and shame. Hurt and disillusioned, multitudes have left the church. Their tragic stories are related in Abused by the Church so that healing, restoration and reform can take place. This is the hour when those things done in secret must be exposed to the light. Because generalities will neither convince nor convict, specific examples of abuse and injustice are presented. It is the time for genuine change--for justice to rule in the place of tyranny. The hour is at hand for Christ’s wounded ones to be healed and restored to the Church. Victims will become victors!